Sunday, 25 September 2016

Why do religious Zionists support a state founded by secular Judaism?

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Q: why do religious Zionists accept Israel as a state, even though it was founded by atheist secular Jews?

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Does the universe end/have an edge ?

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Something which often came up whilst I did my degree (s)   at university.  Not as confusing as to why a scientist gets a "doctor of philosophy"  degree for doing a PhD , but there you go.

Oh happy  Astrophysics days !


"Does the universe end/have an edge ?"



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Thoughts for Torah study:

1). Did Zipporah become a "Torah Jew" by agreeing to the covenant at Sinai ?was this retroactive for her children?

2). As you say wasn't she more Kosher than Moses by recognising God was upset and therefore tried to kill kill him for NOT having his son circumcised as per God's  command to Abraham?

3). Was Moses married twice Zipporah is Midian and later Numbers recounts how Moses Bro and Sister were upset for Moses for marrying a Cushite i.e. an African? 

4). Clearly the Torah has no problem with interracial marriage as Moses was married to an African [numbers 12] as God punished Miriam and Aaron for getting upset over Moses African wife.

5). Midians were descendants of Abraham Genesis 25:1–2, Exodus says Zipporah was the daughter a the Midian Priest Jethro , but Numbers 12 says Moses was married to a Cushite /African /Ethiopian. Did Moses marry twice or was Zipporah both a Midian and an African like you have African-American?

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Being Jewish

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Been meaning to ask. What is the scriptural/Talmudic basis that says Judaism passes down the female line? I noted some difference of opinion

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Elohim and polytheism

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Question :

What I wonder is if the plural "elohim" really is a vestige of polytheism... how did it not get filtered out? If the original point of this story is to demonstrate how the one true God, rather than many gods, made the world, why did it keep getting re-told and written down as "let US make..."? Unless maybe it actually was understood somewhat as a "royal we"?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Let's do The culture war again!

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Imagine :Clinton and Trump in a duet , to try turn of "time warp".

Monday, 19 September 2016

A proud Muslim Zionist



The murderous Belgium regime

"Anyone who destroys a human life is considered as if he had destroyed an entire world, and anyone who preserves a human life is considered to have preserved an entire world."

The Talmud (Sanhedrin 37a)

Goodness! I have lost many dear close family to ill health, one does not advocate people to suffer , but one does advocate best palliative care , loving kindness and God's mercy.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

13 principles of Judaism (sheloshah -asar Ikkaram)

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We're  starting a new series of reflections based around the well cool 13 principles of Jewish faith.  Before we delve into these, this post serves as a brief intro.

These principles are the closet thing that Jews have to a "creed" and are often recited during morning prayer at synagogues. The principles themselves are firmly biblically based and were written by Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, more commonly known as Moses Maimonides -the Hebrew Ben or son of is added after the father's name in Greek suffixes , but it was  translated into Latin and becomes "ides" - or the acronym  Rambam.

Maimonides,  a Sephardi Jew, born in Spain (1135) and later moved to Egypt ,  was one of the leading Rishonim (Rabbinical authority in the Jewish medieval period).  He was also immersed in the outside non Jewish world as his full-time job was as a physician, eventually to the Sultan Saladin & family and leader of the Egyptian Jewish community. Aside from being a rabbinical authority, a doctor and leader of Egypt's Jews he was also a writer, philosopher, scientist, astronomer and all round polymath. His ideas were widely disseminated not just among Jews  but also among the Christian and Islamic worlds. Rambam  died in Egypt in 1204 and whilst he is considered to be of the rationalist school, today he is an authority for all types of Judaic schools as well as  Sephardim and Askenazism alike.

The 13 principles , to wet your appetite, are summarised below. Ani Mamin Be -Emunah Shelemah (I believe in complete faith) :

1). God alone is creator
2). God is unique and one
3).  God is incorporal and incomparable
4). God is first and last
5). God alone  is to be worshipped
6).The words of the Prophets are true
7). Moses our teacher is the preeminent Prophet
8). The Torah was divinely given to Moses our teacher at mount Sinai
9). The Torah cannot be changed
10).  God knows all things
11). God rewards righteous and punishes the wicked
12). The Messiah will come
13). The dead will be resurrected