Sunday, 28 August 2016

Beauty and the baker

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Hats off to channel 4 for broadcasting the Israeli hit rom com, beauty and the baker. That plot being a lowly baker's son ,(it's more of a bakery and corner shop) ends up with a rich super model and everything that happens in between.

The first episode - it's in Hebrew but with English subtitles- starts with Amos, the baker, being asked by his family , whom he still lives with, whether or  not he is going to propose to his girlfriend - who is portrayed as a "Jewish Princess"-  of 9 years. He takes her out to a posh restaurant ,but finds he can't afford anything , so makes up hilarious reasons as to why he can't eat anything except the free bread, and doubts if he should propose.  He inevitably meets the rich supermodel (in the toilets?!) and things go from there....

For Israelis that social- political sub text is that the baker is a Sephardi Jew and the super model is an Ashkenazi Jew . This leads to  deliberate stereotypes : the Ashkenazi supermodel  epitomizes the view that only "white" Jews are successful  and super rich , whereas the Sephardic lad and his family are stereotyped as the working class poor , but working hard in the (close knit)  family business and somewhat small r , religious setting. The Sephardic family are portrayed as "loud, brash and well, VERY Sephardi" (as if !! LOL!) .

Friday, 26 August 2016

Shabbat Shalom!

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Well what a hot day ! I'm glad that it is the afternoon and I've shut up shop for today. It was good to see some people I haven't for a while this morning, but now some hard earned rest is beckoning.

Shabbat Shalom!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Beautiful Israel

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The land of Israel

The people of Israel

And the Torah of Israel:

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Farage meets Trump

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Oh , Nigel Farage has got rid of his awful moustache and he's  with Trump on the campaign trail:

Who are the "decent ordinary people" and if you don't vote the way Farage would like, does this make you not decent, ordinary people?

Also could America keep Mr Farage in his retirement?


Tuesday, 23 August 2016


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Whenever Jewish people  here suffer as  a result  of a conflict involving Israel and terrorism, we are quick to remind people that there is a difference between being Jewish and Zionist, in other words don't hurt Jews who've got nothing to do with the conflict. 

However the counter argument by anti Zionist and anti Israel people is something along these lines:  

"You  Jews do an awful lot of conflating ourselves , whether it is supporting Israel on media, campaigning against boycotts and praying for the state. Israel is the Jewish majority state in the world. Jews cannot say this is nothing to do with British Jews, but at the same time support Israel. You are therefore fair game as a target for criticism"

Let's put it slightly differently:

"Because you support Israel it is everything [insert pseudo intellectual arguments and dodgy facts about Palestine here and a brief rant against the Zionist regime and Zionists 'like you',  you can end this diatribe by quoting a 'useful idiot' Jewish person who is as 'anti Zionist as you are and therefore you couldn't possibly be an anti Semite]  do with you and therefore you are fair game as a target and this justifies x , y, z such as physical assault, trashing Zionist cemeteries, synagogues and harassment on social media"


  it is  fair game to only  attack those who are self identified as Zionists or Israel supporters because Israel is bad , Palestine good.

Do any of the bove sound  fair?

Well no they aren't actually. 

Regular readers should know my answer  on these and that is it is totally unacceptable to be violent or antisemitic or abusive toward Jews, Jewish Zionists , non Jewish Zionists or anyone quite frankly.

We live in a free society with strong civic foundations and I shouldn't have to feel threatened by mobs, internet or off-line  for my political or religious  views , although off-line and during the Gaza war I did feel unsafe and threatened in public, my bros even more so. 

Robust criticism of Israel of intelligent kind is okay, as I argue below Jews and Israel do all the time ,  but you rarely see that with active anti Zionists. You just often see visceral hate of Israel , which  unfortunately does sometimes  spill  into overt antisemitism and violence or criminality (attacking synagogues and cemeteries).

Jews are no more accountable for Israel's actions than they are of the terrorists which Israel has to fight.  As pro Palestine people often say collective punishment is illegal under international law, so self righteous anti Zionists trying to collectively punish diaspora Jews - indeed Israeli Jews by their boycott- is not only morally but legally wrong.

 I'd add, btw, that there isn't any punishment to be melted out to anyone as Israel's government  hasn't done anything wrong and is doing what any state should do , protect her citizens as a first priority and in any case as a democracy is accountable to an elective assembly which can dismiss it . 

This is another critical and crucial factor anti Zionists overlook. They seem to think Zionists are one monolithic bloc and that diaspora Jewry is nothing other than a mouth piece for Israel and by Israel they mean the current government of Israel. Except that's not how it works. 

In fact one can be a Zionist , support Israel the state , but be critical  and  contemptuous of the government of the day  and their policies. Or even criticise or engage in the debates within Israel and not just on peace or war. That anti Zionists automatically think this means you are in their camp if you don't like this or that about Israel,  just goes to show their views on Israel are so blinded and blinkered , that is their default setting is Israel is bad full stop,  they forget Jews and Israel have always been anything but monotone.

 If diaspora Jews reserve the right to be critical of the Israeli government of the day,   Israeli Jews take it  as granted.  Have any anti Zionists ever watched Knesset debates?!  Israelis split between support and criticism of the current government. It is a lively established democracy. It debates . It has secular  a left wing ,  right wing and a centralist wing, three religious parties which defy usual western political  categorisation.  It has a government, but a vocal opposition. Even within the government there's fractions given all Israeli governments are welded together coalitions.  

To conclude I cannot help but suggest that anti Zionists would be better off by  changing their default setting of Israel  bad , Palestine good. But then if they did that they wouldn't be in business. Would they?

Monday, 22 August 2016


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Hmmmm !

Not too sure what to talk about. Any ideas? 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Battle of the tashes


Ok couldn't let this go without  comment:

Not a bad tash, but the real king of moustaches was Jason King:

Now he was a dude!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Jewish Zionist Amazonian warrior babe


Been watching 'batman verses superman'.  Not a bad film , but what really made it a worthwhile watch  (No, not Ben Affleck , although one of my sisters thought he was "dishy") , was Diana Prince i.e. wonder woman as played by Israeli  Gal Gadot. 

Now some sexist buffoons complained her breasts weren't big enough. They seem perfectly fine to this man! In fact I'd suggest most blokes would say the same. Better Gal than Pamela. And fake plastic tits aren't  something that an  immortal  Amazonian warrior are going to have anyway. 

As Gadot noted herself : 

'asked if she was going to change something to become “large-breasted” for the role, Gadot, a former Miss Israel, dismissively said that breasts are something “anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels” but she would represent “the Wonder Woman of the new world.”

The original Greek Amazons — legendary female warriors — actually removed one of their breasts, the better to wield a bow and arrow, so if she played the role in a “historically accurate” fashion, it would be “problematic,” Gadot noted.'

What a  babe!

Whilst to my mind it is only natural that a Jew would be wonder won Twitter trolls at the time expressed their outrage that Gadot was unfit to be wonder woman as she was a "Zionist" . So nothing about acting ability or anything like that , just a racist attack on someone because they're Jewish, Israeli and by extension Zionist.

Incidentally isn't Zionist  such a marvellous word for antisemities ? They can use the old antisemitic attacks without having to use the world Jew  and thus get outraged when people note what they are doing unless and until the mask slips and they forget themselves.

Still  here's a clip for her second appearance in a film due out next year. It's set during world war I.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Tisha B'Av


Sound the great Shofar for our freedom;  bring our exiles together and assemble us from the four comers of the earth. Blessed art thou, 0 Lord, who gatherest the dispersed of thy people Israel to return in mercy to the city Jerusalem; rebuild it soon, in our days.  Blessed art thou, 0 Lord, Builder of Jerusalem, Lord and king of the Universe

Today is  the 9th Av and therefore Tisha B'Av, a day where we fast and mourn the loss of the two Holy Temples , in addition to many other terrible tragedies to afflict the Jewish people. We pray and read from the book of Lamentations. 

Here is an example of the Moroccan Jewish liturgy:

Jew -do


Ori Sasson , an Israeli of Iraqi Jewish heritage got snubbed by his Egyptian opponent. This disgusting bigoted behaviour  totally went against the spirit and rules of both judo and the Olympics.  And he's a bad looser.

Also in judo,another Sephardi Israeli Jew - of Libyan background- Yarden Gerbi , won as well. 

What a babe!